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Chrystalline Entity

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  1. Kagazuru says:
    Crystalline Entity Origin: space. A massive and unique lifeform, delicate in appearance while blindly and insatiably feeding off the life-force of beings and even planetary resources.
  2. Goltim says:
    The Crystalline Entity is an apparent alien life form that appeared on Earth in the 'found footage' movie, Chronicle. Although it's not clear how the entity came to Earth, it's assumed it fell from the sky like a meteorite. However, instead of a large impact crater, there was only a small hole with a long tunnel leading underground.
  3. Malaramar says:
    They are solitary beings, each individual Crystal Sovereign rarely seen with more than a Sentinel and a smaller Cohort entity. Aside from the Cohort and Sentinel clearly being subservient to the Sovereign of the group, the subtle nuances of the Crystalline Entities' socio-hierarchical relationships are lost on us.
  4. Menos says:
    Fly to the entity and talk to it. This will allow you to join the queue. Open your player versus environment (PVE) queue from the little down arrow on your minimap this will also allow you to join the queue. Mission: Crystalline Catastrophe. This is a mission that seems pretty simple, kill the crystalline entity.
  5. Dotilar says:
    There are hostile crystalline entities of red, yellow, blue, and green throughout the Galaxy, and defend their home crystal with 4 fleets. Depending on your empire ethics will determine the interactions available for you. By all means if the system is a strong chokepoint or has a good planet, the interests of your empire trump all, blast away.
  6. Nigar says:
    Star Trek CCG 1E Crystalline Entity rare dilemma card. Near mint condition Combined shipping available on request. Hundreds of single cards available. Any questions please feel free to contact pheledachugadendenaducnodaham.xyzinfo date: Jun 24,
  7. Brashura says:
    The Crystalline Entity was a Brancher, a type of dangerous cosmozoan life-form. Like others of its species it fed on organic matter, converting it into energy, leaving entire planets devoid of life. It was responsible for thousands of deaths over the years. (TTN novel: Orion's Hounds).
  8. Vudolabar says:
    Nov 04,  · Crystalline Entity Returns to STO For three weeks, from now until November 24th at AM PST, Federation, Klingon, and Romulan Republic Captains between levels can queue up for Star Trek Online's captain “Crystalline Cataclysm” event to defeat the Crystalline Entity and earn one Crystal Shard every 20 hours.

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